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Volleyball Hairstyles: Stylish and Functional Looks for the Court

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    In search of trendy volleyball hairstyles? You’re in luck! Dive into this collection of 50 top-tier styles designed for the court. The primary objective of a volleyball hairstyle? Ensuring your hair stays away from your face, and this list offers numerous options for that.

    Regardless of your hair type, there’s a style here that’ll resonate with you. And if you’re aiming for team unity, many of these styles are versatile enough for the entire squad. While braids dominate the list, you’ll also find chic ponytails and buns. Let’s explore some standout volleyball hairstyles that have made waves this year!

    1. Half Up Cornrow Braids

    Half Up Cornrow Braids - a woman wearing a white shirt

    The Half Up Cornrow Braids hairstyle is a beautiful fusion of tradition and contemporary style. Rooted in African culture, cornrow braids have not only stood the test of time but have also become widely embraced in various modern fashion contexts. In the volleyball court, this style is both functional and stylish.

    The design consists of braiding the hair in close, neat rows, starting from the forehead and ending midway on the scalp, leaving the remaining hair free-flowing. This “half-up” look ensures that the hair at the front and sides is neatly tucked away, preventing any vision obstruction during a game. Meanwhile, the unbraided hair at the back can either be left loose, tied into a ponytail, or styled further, according to individual preferences.

    Another advantage of this hairstyle is its adaptability. It can be customized with different braid thicknesses, patterns, or even by incorporating colorful bands or beads. The braids can also be designed in unique patterns or symmetrical designs, depending on the player’s personal style.

    In conclusion, the Half Up Cornrow Braids hairstyle is not only functional, keeping hair away from the face during intense matches, but it also allows players to express their individuality and embrace a rich cultural tradition. Whether it’s for regular practice, a crucial match, or a team photo session, this hairstyle is a winning choice.

    2. Petite Pancake Dutch Braids

    Mini Pancake Dutch Braids - a woman wearing a blue jersey

    Following our list is the Petite Pancake Dutch Braid look. To achieve this hairstyle, begin with a pristine and straight center part, splitting the hair into two sections. Secure one section aside, and then intricately braid the other using the Dutch technique, which is akin to a French braid but with a more pronounced, “pancaked” appearance. Once done, ensure both braids are symmetrical and uniform in thickness. With that, your chic Pancake Dutch Braids are ready to flaunt!

    3. Side-Braided Ponytail Ensemble

    Ponytail Hair with Side Braids - a woman wearing a black printed shirt

    Introducing a straightforward yet elegant hairstyle ideal for those seeking a refreshing look for the volleyball court. This style features a sleek ponytail, accentuated by a delicate side braid that gracefully winds around the base and seamlessly integrates into the ponytail. For an added touch of charm, consider curling the ends of your ponytail, enhancing its bounce and volume. This fusion of simplicity and elegance ensures you’ll adore your revamped look.

    4. Classic Double Dutch Braids

    Double Dutch Braids - a woman wearing a black longsleeve

    A staple in the hairstyling world, Double Dutch braids exude a timeless elegance. As depicted in the accompanying photo, the braids are beautifully crafted, giving a neat and polished appearance. To maintain this sleek look, consider applying an anti-frizz product prior to braiding, ensuring your hair remains tamed and in position.

    Note: There seems to be a reference to a video duration. Ensure this is appropriately integrated into your platform.

    5. Quadruple Lace Dutch Braids

    4 Lace Dutch Braids - a woman wearing a gray hooded jacket

    While double braids have their charm, the Quadruple Lace Dutch Braids take it up a notch. This unique style involves parting the hair into four even sections, each intricately braided into tight lace patterns. The result? A captivating look that ensures every strand stays neatly away from the face, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.

    6. Trendsetting Bubble Braids

    Long Bubble Braids - a woman wearing a black sports bra

    Bubble braids made a significant splash in 2023, becoming a go-to hairstyle for many. As depicted in the referenced image, this look transforms a traditional French braid by incorporating distinct, voluminous “bubbles” along its length. The beauty of this style is its versatility; whether you have luscious long locks or a shorter mane, bubble braids adapt seamlessly, making them a fashion-forward choice for all hair lengths.

    7. Relaxed Dutch Braids with a Bun

    Messy and Loose Dutch Braids - a woman wearing a black sleeveless jersey

    Venturing into a more laid-back aesthetic, we have the relaxed Dutch braids for those flaunting longer tresses. This style showcases three uniform, yet delicately braided strands, culminating in a casual bun at the back. The remaining hair cascades freely, enhancing the effortless vibe. It’s a perfect blend of structure and free spirit, resulting in a captivating appearance.

    8. Time-Honored French Braids

    French Braids Hairstyle - a woman wearing a blue green jersey shirt

    The French braid remains an iconic hairstyle, transcending time and trends. Especially popular among volleyball players across all age groups, its intertwined design ensures practicality on the court. The showcased style is characterized by a snug and elevated braid, neatly fastened with a modest band. For an added touch of flair, consider accessorizing with a statement bow or a quirky embellishment at the tail end.

    9. Braided Half-Up Pony with Curls

    Half Up Ponytail Braids - a woman wearing a white sports bra

    For those special tournaments or standout games, the braided half-up ponytail exudes both elegance and functionality. The design features the upper section of the hair intricately braided in a French pattern, while the lower section flows in beautiful spiral curls. This combination not only ensures hair remains manageable during the game but also adds a touch of glam to the overall look.

    10. Slanted French Braids

    Diagonal French Braids - a woman wearing a blue shirt

    Introducing a twist to the traditional style, the Slanted French Braid offers both uniqueness and simplicity. For this captivating look, initiate the braid from one side, allowing it to diagonally traverse the scalp and cascade down the back in a thick, elongated pattern. This diagonal approach adds an intriguing visual element, making it an eye-catching choice for those wanting to stand out.

    11. Parallel Dutch Braids

    Same Side Dutch Braids - a woman wearing a red shirt

    The ever-popular Dutch braids remain a favored choice for volleyball enthusiasts. In this rendition, the hair is neatly parted down the center, resulting in two parallel Dutch braids that flow symmetrically on either side. To ensure the braids remain intact and retain their pristine appearance throughout the game, keep them snugly braided and secure with a spritz of hairspray for added hold. This look not only offers functionality but also a clean, chic aesthetic for the court.

    12. Twin Braided Ponytails

    Braided Double Ponytail Hairstyle - a woman wearing a pink shirt

    Showcasing a vibrant and versatile style, the Twin Braided Ponytails are a visual delight. This design features double Dutch braids running down to the nape, where they transition into playful pigtails. Whether you’re flaunting a fiery red hue or any other hair color, this style complements and elevates the overall look. It’s a fun twist on traditional braids, offering both functionality and a dash of youthful charm.

    13. Sectioned Twist Ponytail

    Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black jersey shirt

    For those who cherish the classic ponytail but seek a contemporary update, the Sectioned Twist Ponytail is your answer. This style involves taking various sections of hair, twisting each one, and then gathering them into a relaxed, low-hanging ponytail. The resultant look offers a textured and layered appearance, providing both an aesthetic appeal and ensuring practicality for the game ahead. It’s a modern take on the beloved ponytail, making it a perfect choice for volleyball enthusiasts.

    14. Sleek Side-Swept Fishtail Braid

    Side Fishtail Braids b- a woman wearing a blue shirt

    The Fishtail Braid, with its intricate weaving, offers an elegant and refined look cherished by women across generations. In this variation, the braid is gracefully swept to one side, presenting a tight and polished appearance. Its side-swept design not only accentuates the facial features but also provides a functional solution for sports activities, ensuring hair remains in place. The charm of this braid lies in its delicate detailing, making it a blend of sophistication and practicality.

    15. Dual Dutch to Fishtail Transition Braids

    Double Dutch Fishtail Braids - a woman wearing a gray printed shirt

    Marrying the beauty of Dutch and Fishtail braids, this style is a testament to intricate hairstyling. While it may demand a bit more time and skill, the end result is undoubtedly worth the effort. The design starts with Dutch braids at the top, seamlessly transitioning into Fishtail braids as they approach the neckline. The remainder of the hair gathers into a loose ponytail, creating a cascade effect. The rich interplay between twists and braids gives this style a fresh, modern vibe, making it a standout choice for those willing to invest the time.

    16. Twisted Bubble Braids Hairstyle

    Twisted Bubble Braids Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black cape

    The Twisted Bubble Braids hairstyle is a delightful fusion of the playful aesthetics of bubble braids and the intricate design of twists. This hairstyle starts with sections of hair being twisted and then secured at intervals with hair ties, creating a “bubble” effect along the length of each braid.

    The bubbles introduce a fun, voluminous look to the braids, reminiscent of a string of pearls. The in-between twists add depth and sophistication to the overall design. This hairstyle is not only visually appealing but also practical for active pursuits like volleyball, ensuring hair stays neatly in place. Whether you’re aiming for a casual day out or an intense game on the court, the Twisted Bubble Braids offer both style and functionality.

    17. Dual Fishtail French Braids

    Double French Braids - a woman wearing a orange polo blouse

    Elevating the traditional French braids, this hairstyle merges them with the finesse of fishtail patterns. Ideal for volleyball players across all positions, the design starts with a neat center part. Each section is then braided in the classic French style, which transitions into fishtail braids as they cascade downwards.

    The merging of two popular braid styles not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures the hair remains in place, especially during swift movements on the court. To ensure longevity and that the braids maintain their pristine form, a generous application of hairspray is recommended. This style strikes a balance between elegance and practicality, making it a top pick for athletes.

    18. Kinky Hair Braided Updo Bun

    Braided Kinky Updo Bun - a woman wearing a pink shirt

    Designed specifically for those with naturally kinky hair textures, this hairstyle celebrates both structure and volume. The front section of the hair is intricately braided up to the mid-section of the head. The unbraided portion is then gathered and styled into a voluminous updo or “poof”, taking advantage of the hair’s natural texture and fullness.

    This style serves as an impeccable blend of elegance and flair, ensuring hair stays out of the face during active gameplay. For ladies with kinky hair looking to merge style with functionality on the volleyball court, this braided updo bun is a stellar choice.

    19. Blonde Micro-Braided Ponytail

    Micro Braided Ponytail - a woman wearing a black longsleeve

    Micro braids, known for their delicate and intricate appearance, offer versatility and flair, making them a popular choice throughout the seasons. In this variation, the added allure of a blonde hue brings an extra layer of vibrancy to the style. The long ponytail created by gathering the micro braids can either be styled into a bun for a more secure and compact look during intense games, or be left long for a flowing, graceful appearance. The choice lies in the wearer’s preference, showcasing the adaptability of this chic hairstyle.

    20. Cascade of Curls with a Braided Crown

    Braided Curly Ponytail - a woman wearing a gold necklace

    This hairstyle harmoniously marries the elegance of braids with the whimsical charm of curls. The top section is meticulously braided, leading seamlessly into a voluminous, curly ponytail. This cascade of curls flowing from the braided crown creates a regal yet playful aesthetic. Given its standout design, this hairstyle is bound to garner admiration and compliments, making it an enchanting choice for those desiring a look that’s both functional for sports and undeniably stylish.

    21. Curled Tresses with Half-Up Braided Elegance

    Half Up Braids with Curls - a woman wearing a purple shirt

    Combining the structure of braids with the romantic allure of curls, this half-up hairstyle is a timeless classic. The top section of the hair is intricately braided, pulling it away from the face and ensuring clarity of vision during games. The remaining hair cascades down in soft, graceful curls, adding movement and volume to the look. This style isn’t just a fleeting choice for a game day; its durability means it can be a season-long favorite, letting players focus on the game while looking effortlessly chic.

    22. Dark Tresses in Dual Dutch with Side Accents

    Double Dutch Braids for Black Hair - a woman wearing a blue sleeveless top

    Tailored for women with rich, dark hair, this hairstyle is both chic and functional. The primary attraction is the dual Dutch braids that run symmetrically on both sides of the head. As an added touch of detail and functionality, smaller strands are braided on the sides, taming those baby hairs and ensuring they stay out of the face during intense gameplay. This style not only embraces the natural beauty of dark hair but also ensures maximum comfort, making it an ideal choice for volleyball enthusiasts.

    23. Vibrant Accents in Long Box Braids

    Long Box Braids Hairstyle - a woman wearing a pink top

    Long box braids offer a timeless and sophisticated look, beloved for their manageability and style. In this iteration, the inclusion of bright purple braids amidst the natural hue adds a pop of color and individuality. It’s essential to maintain an even distribution of braids at the crown, ensuring a neat and polished appearance. The fusion of classic box braids with bold color accents creates a unique blend of tradition and modern flair, making this hairstyle a standout choice for those looking to make a statement.

    24. Quartet of Braids Leading to Curly Cascade

    Twisted Braids into Curly Ponytail - a woman wearing a floral sleeveless dress

    For those blessed with natural curls, this hairstyle offers a blend of structure and free-flowing beauty. The hair is sectioned into four distinct parts, each twisted into a tight braid, harmoniously aligned side-by-side. These braids then transition into the hair’s natural curls, which are left voluminous and free, celebrating their natural bounce and texture. The combination of controlled braiding and unrestrained curls provides a harmonious balance, making it an enchanting choice for women wanting to showcase their natural hair texture.

    25. Majestic Ghana Braids for Volleyball Elegance

    Ghana Braids Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black sleeveless top

    Ghana braids, with their intricate patterns and rich heritage, have long been a favorite among women of color. Apt for volleyball players, these braids offer a secure yet stylish solution to keep hair in place during intense matches. In the described style, the braids are crafted to be thick and luxuriant, extending gracefully with added length. The density and uniformity of these braids not only provide a striking visual appeal but also ensure durability and comfort, making them a perfect fit for both on and off the court.

    26. Hexa-braided elegance with Diagonal Dutch Flair

    a woman wearing a dark blue hooded jacket

    Taking the art of braiding up a notch, this hairstyle is designed especially for women blessed with voluminous hair. Six sections are meticulously carved out on the crown, each transformed into a lace Dutch braid with a diagonal inclination. The added highlights interspersed within the braids not only lend depth and dimension but also give a sun-kissed, rejuvenated appearance to the hair. This hexa-braided design, combined with the shimmer of highlights, promises a fresh and trendsetting look that’s bound to turn heads.

    27. Dainty French Braid for Shorter Locks

    a woman wearing a red shirt

    Not all braids require long tresses, and this hairstyle proves just that. Tailored for volleyball players with shorter hair lengths, it brings out the charm of a French braid on a smaller canvas. Initiating the braid high on the crown, it captures as much of the hair as possible, ensuring a secure and neat appearance throughout the game. This miniature French braid adds a touch of femininity and elegance to shorter hairstyles, ensuring that style isn’t compromised even when hair length is limited. It’s a delightful blend of simplicity and grace.

    28. Dual Box Braids with Seamless Split

    a woman wearing a green knitted longsleeve

    Venturing away from the conventional, this hairstyle showcases the beauty of box braids without the traditional middle parting. Instead, the hair is flawlessly divided into two sections, creating an illusion of continuity at the crown. This seamless split leads to two symmetrically crafted box braids, lending a refreshed take on a classic look. A spritz of hairspray ensures the style remains intact and polished, making it an innovative choice for those looking to redefine traditional braiding techniques.

    29. The Classic Solo Dutch Braid Mastery

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a white sleeveless top

    A timeless hairstyle that holds its own, the single Dutch braid is both elegant and functional. The image showcased depicts a lustrous black mane woven meticulously into this iconic braid, radiating a sense of simplicity and sophistication. While mastering the intricacies of this style might be challenging, taking potentially up to a year for perfection, the end result is nothing short of mesmerizing. Once perfected, it’s a style one would gravitate towards regularly, given its blend of beauty and practicality, especially for sports like volleyball.

    30. The Infinite Elegance of Dutch Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a white top

    Exemplifying versatility, the infinity Dutch braid is adaptable to various hair textures, making it a favorite among volleyball enthusiasts. In the depicted style, the hair has been masterfully intertwined into three distinct patterns, showcasing the flexibility of the infinity braid. When these intricate braids are gathered and secured into a voluminous ponytail, it results in a look that is both sporty and stylish. This ensemble, with its intricate weaving and pronounced ponytail, is sure to be a head-turner both on and off the volleyball court.

    31. A Volleyball Twist: Upside Down Dutch Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black coat jacket

    For those seeking a distinctive spin on volleyball hairstyles, the upside-down Dutch braids provide just that. In this innovative design, the braiding begins at the nape of the neck, working its way upwards. These tight braids ascend towards the crown, eventually morphing into petite, chic buns. This inversion of the typical braid direction results in a unique silhouette, blending functionality with flair. It’s the perfect conversation starter, all while ensuring hair stays in place during intense volleyball matches.

    32. Volleyball Chic: Criss-Crossed Braid Extravaganza

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a gray jacket

    Elevate your braid game with the criss-crossed braid hairstyle, which seamlessly combines traditional and contemporary braiding techniques. Initiating with a central parting, the hair is sculpted into classic Dutch braids on either side. To introduce an extra layer of intrigue, a few external strands are deliberately kept out, woven into separate thin braids. These slim braids then criss-cross over the primary Dutch braids, creating a visually captivating lattice effect. This design not only ensures a secure hairdo for volleyball but also establishes the wearer as a trendsetter both on and off the court.

    33. French Elegance Meets Sporty Chic: Braids into Double Buns

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a blue jacket

    Merging the grace of French braids with the sporty appeal of buns, this hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and functionality. The hair is meticulously woven into two pronounced French braids, running parallel from the forehead to the nape. Instead of letting them drape down, they are elegantly twisted into compact, knot-like buns. The resultant double buns not only guarantee a secure fit during intense volleyball matches but also radiate a sense of finesse. A choice that promises both performance and panache, it’s a style that speaks volumes about the wearer’s taste.

    34. Timeless Grace: Solo French Braid

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a white shirt

    The single French braid is a go-to for its timeless appeal and fuss-free maintenance, especially when the clock’s ticking down to game time. In this rendition, the luxurious, thick brown locks have been seamlessly interwoven into a flawless French braid, securely fastened at the end with a trusty rubber band. While the classic nature of the braid stands out on its own, adding a splash of color with a vibrant bow or accessory can amplify the team spirit and give the style a personal touch. Whether keeping it minimalist or jazzing it up, this braid ensures you’re game-ready with elegance.

    35. Triple Delight: Dutch Braids into a Mid-Ponytail

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black and pink sleeveless jersey

    Stepping up the Dutch braid game, the triple threat style offers a blend of intricacy and flair. This dynamic look begins with three robust braids that cascade from the front to the crown, each meticulously plaited to showcase the depth and texture of the hair. The braids then seamlessly merge with the rest of the tresses, all of which are gathered into a voluminous mid-ponytail. This hybrid style not only provides the security needed for intense volleyball plays but also presents a unique aesthetic that stands out in a sea of traditional hairstyles. With a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, this hairstyle is bound to make heads turn.

    36. Sky-High Elegance: Curled High Ponytail

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a gray blazer

    For those with luxurious long locks, the high ponytail serves as both a stylish statement and a functional choice. This look emphasizes height, as the hair is gracefully swept up to the crown, ensuring a clean face frame for optimal gameplay. The magic touch lies in the ponytail’s tail – infused with lively curls that add volume and bounce. These cascading curls lend an added dimension of glamour to an otherwise sporty style. And for those blessed with especially thick tresses, a smart move is to double up on hair ties. This ensures that the ponytail remains secure and in position, no matter how intense the volleyball action gets. With elegance and functionality hand in hand, this hairstyle is a definite win both on and off the court.

    37. Golden Tresses: Dual Blonde French Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black shirt

    For the blonde bombshells of volleyball, the dual French braid is a tribute to both the color and the texture of their hair. Embracing the golden hues of her locks, she has meticulously parted her hair down the middle, transforming each section into a sleek French braid. The twin braids run parallel, capturing the luminescence of blonde strands and highlighting their intricate weave. The result is an effortlessly chic look that not only keeps hair away from the face during intense matches but also shines a spotlight on the natural beauty of blonde hair. Perfect for those who adore the elegance of braids, this style is both captivating and game-ready.

    38. Graceful Elegance: Sleek Dutch Braids for Fine Hair

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a white shirt

    For those with finer hair textures, the sleek Dutch braid offers both beauty and functionality. Expertly partitioned into two, her delicate strands are intricately woven into parallel Dutch braids. The braids, in all their finesse, are not just an aesthetic choice but a strategic one too, offering volume and structure to thinner hair. Their tight weave ensures longevity, holding the hair in place even during the most rigorous games. Depending on personal preference and the occasion, they can be left naturally draping or be fortified with a spritz of hairspray for added endurance. This hairstyle not only addresses the challenges of managing finer hair but also turns them into a statement of style and elegance.

    39. Edgy Elegance: Twisted Faux Hawk Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a floral blouse

    Making a statement on the court goes beyond gameplay, and this twisted faux hawk braid hairstyle does just that. Evoking a sense of rebellion and style, the central positioning of the braid mimics the edgy look of a mohawk, but with a softer, more feminine twist. The braiding technique, which gathers hair from both sides and elegantly pins it up, gives a voluminous illusion, perfect for making an impact. While it may seem intricate, with a bit of practice, anyone can master this look. Whether you decide to sport it solo or help a teammate achieve this striking style, it’s guaranteed to turn heads both on and off the volleyball court.

    40. Galactic Glamour: Braided Space Buns

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a stripe shirt

    Journey to the stars with this celestial-inspired hairstyle perfect for volleyball enthusiasts. Space buns, reminiscent of the ’90s, have made a roaring comeback, offering a playful yet practical hairdo for active moments. In this rendition, the beauty of braids meets the charm of space buns. With smaller braids starting at the crown, they seamlessly transition into the iconic buns, adding texture and flair to the overall look. Especially captivating on blonde hair, as seen in the reference image, the intertwined braids catch the light, showcasing the intricate detailing. This hairstyle is not only functional for a rigorous volleyball match but also ensures you make a stylish statement. So, the next time you’re gearing up for the court, let your hair echo the energy of the cosmos with these braided space buns.

    41. Elite Elegance: 5-Strand Braids Crowned with a Headband

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a stripe shirt

    Marrying sophistication with skill, the 5-strand braid offers an elevated aesthetic to the traditional braid styles. This hairstyle is truly a testament to a braider’s prowess, demanding precision and technique. As illustrated above, the hair is partitioned into two generous sections, initiating the journey of intertwining five strands seamlessly at the crown. As the braids cascade down, they morph into the familiar 3-strand braid, creating a harmonious blend of complexity and simplicity. To further accentuate this regal style, a headband can be introduced, crowning the braids and adding a touch of sparkle or color. This hairstyle ensures that while you’re fiercely spiking balls on the volleyball court, your hair remains a testament to elegance and skill. Whether it’s a practice match or a championship game, let your hair echo your proficiency with this advanced braided masterpiece.

    42. Athletic Elegance: Cornrows Culminating in a Ponytail

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black shirt

    For those seeking a blend of function and style, cornrows are an unbeatable choice, particularly for the intensity of a volleyball match. These tightly woven braids lie flush against the scalp, ensuring your hair stays put, no matter how fierce the game gets. As showcased above, the hair is crafted into uniform cornrows that journey from the forehead to the nape. But instead of letting them hang freely, they are all gathered and secured into a high ponytail, giving a lift to the entire look. This combination not only provides the necessary tightness to keep hair distractions at bay but also offers a polished and refined aesthetic. Whether you’re serving, spiking, or diving, this hairstyle promises to keep you looking poised and pretty throughout.

    43. Diagonal Drama: Jumbo Diagonal Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a red longsleeve

    Taking a creative spin on the traditional braid, this hairstyle exudes boldness and confidence, especially tailored for those with luscious, thick hair. Starting from the front, the braid runs in a sweeping diagonal pattern, encapsulating the volume and richness of thick strands. The gentle twist, as it progresses, adds dimension and a touch of finesse, allowing the braid to cascade elegantly down the back. It’s a style that not only stands out in terms of its distinct pattern but also ensures the hair remains secure during intense volleyball matches. Whether it’s on the court or off it, this jumbo diagonal braid makes a statement.

    44. Enchanting Elegance: 5 Strands to Fishtail Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a white sleeveless shirt

    This hairstyle embodies the charm of fairy tales, blending the intricacy of a 5-strand braid seamlessly into a whimsical fishtail finish. Beginning at the crown, the 5-strand style weaves its magic, gradually transitioning into the delicate embrace of a fishtail braid as it flows towards the ends. The dual techniques used here create an intricate pattern that’s both elegant and captivating. For those desiring a look that feels as if it’s straight out of a storybook, this braid perfectly fits the bill. And to ensure the fairy tale lasts all day, a spritz of hairspray will help maintain its ethereal beauty.

    45. Interwoven Allure: Criss-Cross Braids for Extended Locks

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a red shirt

    For those boasting luxuriously long tresses, this criss-cross braid style offers a sophisticated twist to the traditional braiding technique. The intertwining braids gracefully cascade down the back, lending a mesmerizing pattern that culminates in dual thick braids, draping elegantly along the spine. The design is particularly captivating on shimmering blonde shades, as the interplay of light and shadow accentuates the intricate braiding detail. This hairstyle not only secures your hair for an intense volleyball match but also ensures you stand out with its unique style statement.

    46. Adorable Duo: Twin Dutch Braids Delight

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a eyeglasses

    Twin Dutch braids are the epitome of both convenience and style, especially for the active volleyball player. Mastering this classic technique means that in just minutes, you can have a chic and secure hairstyle ready for the game. The image showcases perfectly symmetrical braids, consistent in thickness from root to tip, neatly tied off with sleek black hairbands. The result is a look that’s not only sport-ready but also stunningly stylish.

    47. Volleyball Hairstyle – Simple Fishtail Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black jacket

    Embrace the timeless charm of the fishtail braid with this straightforward volleyball hairstyle, suitable for hair of any length. Initiate the look by pulling your hair into a lofty ponytail. Once secured, transition into weaving the distinct fishtail pattern. To finish, secure the braid midway with a hairband, letting the rest cascade freely. This blend of simplicity and style ensures you’re game-ready while still looking effortlessly chic.

    48. Team Spirit: Trio of Side Lace Braids

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a white jacket

    Elevate your game-day hairstyle with this trio of side lace braids. As seen in the featured image, the hair is artfully parted to the side, which is then segmented into three delicate braids. To make your look even more memorable and showcase your team spirit, integrate your team’s colors into the braids. It’s a chic way to stay stylish while representing your squad.

    49. Double Duty: Dutch Braids Meet Bun

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a colorful sleeveless shirt

    When you’re in the heat of a volleyball game, the last thing you want is your braids unraveling. Enter the solution: A perfect fusion of the classic double dutch braids that seamlessly transitions into a bun at the back. As showcased in the featured style, after crafting those pristine dutch braids, the ends are gathered and styled into a chic bun. Not only does it secure your hairstyle, but it also exudes elegance on the court.

    50. Nostalgia Meets Modern: Braided Ponytail with a Scrunchie Twist

    Volleyball Hairstyle - a woman wearing a armygreen shirt

    The 90s nostalgia is in full swing, and the scrunchie is its reigning queen. In this eye-catching volleyball hairstyle, the hair is neatly gathered into a high ponytail, secured with a vibrant white scrunchie. Adding a contemporary touch, the ponytail is then intricately braided and sealed with a subtle elastic at the end. It’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern flair, ensuring you stand out on the court.


    fCongratulations on reaching the end of this volleyball hairstyle journey! Given you’ve ventured this far, it’s likely you’ve spotted a hairstyle—or perhaps even a few—that has caught your eye. Curious minds want to know: have you or any of your teammates sported any of these styles before? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop a comment below sharing which look you’re eager to rock on the next game day!

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