Definitions and Explanations

The words whose first letters are capitalized have meanings that are defined according to the following parameters. No matter whether they are written in the singular or the plural, the definitions that are provided below are to be understood in the same way.

Cancellation Rights

You can cancel your order within 15 days without explanation.
You have 15 days to cancel an order after receiving the goods or have a third party, other than the carrier, take control of them.
To cancel, you must clearly declare your decision. Tell us your decision:

Contact Us
Phone: +92-3265607646
We will compensate you 15 days after receiving the returned goods. We will repay you using the same method as the order, without any fees.

Return Terms & Conditions

Make sure the following conditions are met for a return of the goods:

  1. A purchase date within the last two weeks is required.
  2. Items are still sealed in their original containers.

There are some products that can’t be refunded:

  • providing you with products that meet or exceed your specifications.
  • Goods that perish quickly, have passed their expiration date, or cannot be returned due to their nature will not be accepted.
  • Delivered, unsealed goods that cannot be returned for grounds of public health protection or cleanliness.
  • delivery of goods that, once mingled with other products, cannot be separated from them.

Products returned to us that do not satisfy the aforementioned requirements may be rejected at our discretion.

It’s important to note that we can only issue credits for goods selling at their original, listed price. Cancellations and refunds are not possible on sale items. If this limitation is not allowed by law, it does not apply to you.

Bringing Back the Goods

When you return the goods to us, you are liable for the expense of transportation as well as the risk involved. The following is the address to which you should mail the goods:

Office Address: Organico Pakistan Rawalpindi, Chandini Chowk, Office 4, First Floor, Chandni Center

We are unable to accept responsibility for any goods that are broken or lost while being returned to us. As a result, we strongly advise using a mail service that offers both insurance and tracking. We are unable to process a refund until we have either physical proof that the goods have been received or that the return delivery has been received.